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One day in Tokyo

Excursion of Tokyo starts 09:00 am and ends 17:00 pm approximately.

You will enjoy one of the most modern & historical cities in the world.

At first you will visit the East Garden of Imperial Palace, which was a part of Old Edo Castle.
You see some buildings remaining since Edo Period and now forming parts of the Imperial Palace wall.
During 400 years - Edo period - Shogun, the top military ruler of  Japan, lived in this castle. In 1986 when the governor of Japan changed, Emperor Meiji came here from Kyoto and started to reign Japan.

Then you will see a famous shopping area Ginza.

Imperial palace



One of the excursion's highlights is Asakusa. Here you'll enjoy the beautiful Sensoji temple and will have a chance to buy a Japanese souvenir - there are many old Japanese shops near the temple.
This place is lively and full of people even on weekdays.


The final stop will be at "electronic city" - Akihabara, heart of Japanese electronics shops, also very popular among anime and manga funs.