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KYOTO one day excursion

08:30-21:30  One day excursion to KYOTO
Transfer to Tokyo(or Shinagawa) station by yourself without guide at own expenses  
09:00-09:30  departure from Tokyo station for Kyoto by bullet train Shinkansen.
11:20-11:50  arrival at Kyoto station
                      meeting with guide on the platform
11:30-12:00  start excursion with guide 
                      visit Golden Pavilion-Kinkakuji temple, Ryoanji-temple, which is famous
                      for stones. There you will see Zen-Buddhism.
                      And you will visit Kiyomizu temple where you can see nice panorama
                      view of Kyoto from the stage of the main hall(Hondo).1
18:00             transfer to Kyoto station
18:30 - 19:00 departure for Tokyo without guide by bullet train Shinkansen
21:00 - 21:20 arrival at Tokyo station and transfer to the hotel by yourself
                       at own expenses

*transportation in Kyoto
   2 - 3 persons --- taxi
   more than 4 persons --- private car