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Anime tour 2                 


Day 1

The excursion will start with a visit of a modern part of Tokyo: Odaiba.

Here you'll ride robotic train moving without a driver - Yurikamome.
This monorail line is built on 3rd-4th floor level and the view from the trains is magnificent.

You'll see the Statue of Liberty replica, visit Gundam Front Tokyo - amusement park themed after the famous from 1979 anime robot;
you'll visit Toyota Mega Web - modern and antique cars showrooms of Toyota.






Anime tour 1


Day 2

You'll visit observation deck in Tokyo Tower;
One Piece Theme Park.

In the afternoon - transfer to Akihabara, poipular among anime and manga funs.
Here you'll visit Tokyo Anime Center (except Mondays), anime goods shops like Mandarake or Animate, AKB48 idol cafe or a Maid Cafe.



День 3

You'll visit the heart of youth fashion – Harajuku and walk to Meiji jungu - shinto shrine dedicated to the spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife.

In the afternoon - transfer to Ikebukuro, visit J-World indoors amusement park (One Piece, Dgaron Ball, Naruto and more), and Sunshine Aquarium.



Day 4

You'll visit Ghibli museum (Except Tuesdays. Preliminary booking required. Ghibli museum is closed from May, 9 till July, 15, 2016 for maintainance and new exhibition preparation.)

In the afternoon - shopping at Nakano Broadway, shopping complex for anime and idol-related goods, manga.